[sic] film was founded and is run by producer Siri Hjorton Wagner and is a Swedish indie production company with focus on narrative films.  So far [sic] has produced eight short films, that have been screened at, among others, Sundance Film Festival, and Berlinale Film festival. Among the awards are the Swedish Academy award, the Guldbagge (Best short), Uppsala Short Film Festival (Best Swedish Short) and Minimalen (Best Nordic Short). Even though [sic] film is run by Siri Hjorton Wagner, [sic] consists of a network of artists and creators, many of which shift roles from film to film. To read more about the people who make [sic] films filmmaking possible, go to Team [sic].

[sic] film vision /
by Siri Hjorton Wagner

I see [sic] film working as the spider in a net of new creators, directors, actors, script writers who would like to leave behind the stagnating idea that one can only do one thing at a time. I totally believe that an intelligent actor, with a passion to tell a story can be an amazing director. I also believe that one can find an excellent set designer at a local art school or that you can probably find the best production coordinator if you search amongst café managers. What we do need though, in order to be able to change positions like this, is good managing, and a generous way of exchanging knowledge. It takes more involvement from each team member. It means, again, valuing knowledge in a different way. It means, maybe, making the person with a few years less experience, but with a heartfelt passion and a hunger for the story the director of photography. It means not only choosing the names you recognize as members of your teams, but rather search, ask around more, be more specific, recruiting new people, making the teams more diverse when it comes to race, gender, and years of experience. I wish that we, by building up an interesting network, will not only find new ways to make films and therefore tell new stories, or tell old stories in new ways, but also in the long term help creating a foundation of creators that will eventually grow to be the future of films.